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June 2024
#MemberSpotlight - Michele Hill & Jeff McCrindle of Downbeach Home Watch!
Downbeach Home Watch provides peace of mind for remote homeowners while away from their beach homes. Providing weekly or biweekly visits, their service provides assurance that all is well. If any action is required, they serve as an advocate for the owner. Downbeach Home Watch is the only Atlantic County home watch provider accredited by the National Home Watch Association. This assures you that they have secured proper insurance and bonding and have demonstrated competency in delivering home watch services.

Michele and Jeff have deep connections to local communities. They have owned a home in Brigantine for 13 years. They have lived in Longport, Margate, Ventnor, and Ocean City. Michele is a former Miss Ventnor! Together, they have delivered home watch services for 10+ years.
Michele is also a real estate agent with the Coldwell Banker Downbeach Team. She serves on the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce Board. and is active in many local charities, including the local food bank. You can also find Michele singing karaoke at local pubs or chasing a golf ball at local golf courses!

​Jeff is also a real estate agent with the Coldwell Banker Downbeach Team. Jeff has actively managed Jersey Shore rental properties for over 10 years. He is active in local charities such as Feeding America, Brigantine Elks, and Brigantine Beach Polar Plunge. Jeff is a FAA licensed drone pilot, allowing clients detailed, high-resolution roof analyses.
From hurricanes to burst pipes, to wind damaged roofs to failing HVAC systems, they have lived through the full process from discovery through resolution. Their experience helps you prepare and respond to potential home risks. They maintain relationships with local contractors and help clients with recommendations. To learn more about their home watch services visit downbeachhomewatch.com or their Facebook and YouTube. Michele and Jeff are happy to provide references and a sample home visit report. If you contact before September 1, 2024, they will provide your first home visit report at no cost to you and no obligation to purchase a follow-on subscription.
<![CDATA[Brigantine times Memorial DAy Ad]]>Fri, 07 Jun 2024 13:32:42 GMThttp://downbeachhomewatch.com/homewatchblog/brigantine-times-memorial-day-ad]]><![CDATA[Downbeach Home Watch Billboard]]>Fri, 07 Jun 2024 13:23:56 GMThttp://downbeachhomewatch.com/homewatchblog/downbeach-home-watch-billboardExciting Times!

Our billboard is up on Rt 30.
​We get 2 design updates during our contract.
Help us with fun ideas to use for our next design.

Thanks to you the Downbeach Team is having a great year. Our real estate team is having our best year ever. We achieved Global Luxury status, a distinction reserved for the top 3% of agents at Coldwell Banker.

Our home watch team became accredited by the National Home Watch Association ... we are the only accredited home watch provider based in Atlantic County.
We appreciate you sharing our happy news.

Jeff and Michele
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<![CDATA[Gas Leak caught just in time]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2024 02:07:30 GMThttp://downbeachhomewatch.com/homewatchblog/inspired-by-a-hurricaneMichele was doing a recent home visit and when she entered the home she immediately smelled gas.  She entered the home and after going thru a few rooms realized this was a serious matter.  She notified the owner, gas company and fire department and the gas leak was quickly address.  The gas company said the level of risk of explosion was very high.

​Without a regular home visit this may have become a tragic event for the home owner and potentially their neighbors.
<![CDATA[Meet the DownBEACH HOME WATCH TEAM]]>Thu, 04 Apr 2024 01:01:32 GMThttp://downbeachhomewatch.com/homewatchblog/meet-the-downbeach-home-watch-team   

Michele and Jeff McCrindle

Michele and Jeff McCrindle started Downbeach Home Watch after 10 years of owning and managing Jersey Shore beach properties.  We have deep ties to the local community and remain active in many local charities.  We have lived through many of the experiences you may encounter as a absentee homeowner.   Hurrican Sandy, gas leaks needing immediate attention, burst pipes during the winter, AC/Heating units needing repair, landscaping services, lost shingles due to high winds and subsequent rain damage, vandalism not caught early that resulted in long term damage.  We love the Jersey Shore, but it requires consistent attention to ensure a property is safe, secure and properly maintained.  All of the events listed above are real situations we have dealt with.  Our value to you is based on our experience, honesty and integrity but also it is based on our connections.  We can recommend service providers if you have a need for a contractor.  It's Jersey - we gotta guy...

Michele and Jeff are also active real estate agents.  We are The Downbeach Team at Coldwell Banker.  We frequently tour homes for sales purposes and have a trained eye for the condition of homes.
​Jeff has written articles on real estate analytics and would be happy to discuss what is happening in the market.

To transition our experience into a formal home watch business, we have taken the step to join the National Home Watch Association (NHWA).  Being a member in NHWA is a significant investment by us.  We feel very strongly that you should want a Home Watch provider that follows industry best practices, a rigorous code of ethics, uses the best software applications to enable rapid reporting, offers easy to use payment methods and is properly insured and bonded.  You have other home watch service options.   Contact us - Get to know us - Talk with our references.  We are confident that you will find us to be your trusted ally looking out for you and your vacation home. 

If you are interested in a service that you do not see in our service descriptions, ask us.  We will either offer it or recommend someone who can help you.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website.  Hope to talk with you in the near future.

​Michele and Jeff McCrindle
<![CDATA[Getting Started with Downbeach Home Watch]]>Fri, 29 Mar 2024 21:54:18 GMThttp://downbeachhomewatch.com/homewatchblog/getting-started-with-downbeach-home-watchLet's schedule a time to discuss how Downbeach Home Watch services can support you.  We can meet in person or online whichever is best for you.  It typically takes 30 to 60 minutes to cover our initial discussion.  We can walk through what the typical home visit checklist items include and we can tailor the checklist to suit your needs.

If the meeting is in person at your beach home, we would like you to walk us through your home noting key items such as security systems, heating/cooling systems, major plumbing check points, and any key areas of concern for you.  If it is a virtual first meeting, then we would like to schedule a visit to walk thru your property to be sure our agreement covers all necessary items. 

Within 3 days of the home tour we will deliver a custom proposal to deliver the home watch program services for you.  The proposal will clearly detail the tasks to be performed, the costs associated with these services, and they accepted methods of payment. 

You will be able to review and sign our agreements online and we will set up you series of home watch services for you.  We strive for clear communication, full transparency and the beginning of a long term relationship.  Let us know if you have any questions.
<![CDATA[We can see What You Can'T]]>Fri, 29 Mar 2024 21:20:30 GMThttp://downbeachhomewatch.com/homewatchblog/pricing-and-contractsDownbeach Home Watch will conduct a complete visit of your home per the list of items in the checklist we have agreed upon in our service agreement.  Many of these items are typical things you would maintain awareness of if you were at your home.  We are your eyes and ears on-site while you are away.

But our Downbeach Home Watch services are a cut above - literally.  We offer a FAA certified drone pilot to take aerial photos of your roof.  We can confirm the condition of your roof and give you peace of mind.

High winds at the beach often take their toll on rooftop shingles.  Exposed roof areas are high risk when rainstorms follow.  If identified quickly, a little roof shingle repair can avoid a much larger water damage repair.

This concierge service is one of the many optional services you can request from Downbeach Home Watch.  Contact us today for more information.